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Startups Jo Council Vision

The Startups Jo Council vision is to ignite economic growth, created by the dynamic force of entrepreneurship and innovation culture, as a result of better access to markets, finance, human capital, support, and policymakers. The Council members are elected by Jordanian startups and are under the support of The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan ([email protected]).

StartupsJo Council Objective

The StartupsJo Council objective is to support the Jordanian entrepreneurial ecosystem to innovate, disrupt & scale through strategic partnerships fostering collaboration, engagement and strengthening culture between the local, regional and international stakeholders from universities, incubators and accelerators to government, private sector and investors.    

Main Pillars

Our focus is based on enhancing the below pillars:

  • Culture
  • Human Capital
  • Finance
  • Policy
  • Support
  • Markets


Steering Committee Members:


Ahmad Hanandeh


Abdallah Odat

(Vice President)

Eid Amjad Swais


Amr Barakat

(General Secretary)

Ziad Al-Masri


Saif Saad


Amal Al Sadi



The StartupsJo Council is on its first step towards Jordan become the leading regional destination for startups.



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