Join Ahmad Al Shugairi in this crisp and interesting take on the business sector, as he introduces successful entrepreneurs and provides enterprise solutions.

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Why Founders Love Startup School

Y Combinator's startup curriculum

Learn from the most relevant and impactful curriculum based on 15 years of YC's knowledge and advice on entrepreneurship.
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Startup progress tracker

Keep track of your startup's progress and stay accountable through weekly updates.

$100k+ in deals

Get access to more than $100,000 worth of deals on AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, Stripe, Brex, Segment, and more.

CoFounder Matching

Find a high-quality co-founder based on your preferences for background, skills, and interests and start building your company.

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Better Business Family brings you this tool at the beginning of the new year to help you start the year strong using proper planning and heading towards achieving the biggest goals of your personal and professional life.

To download the Handbook, click on the following link: Download the Handbook

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UnleashNOW is a platform that supports entrepreneurs and startups in the MENA region in three critical areas:

Making life-changing decisions

such as determining whether you’re the employee or entrepreneur type, quitting your job to start your own business, the need to reconstruct your reality, and more.

Bridging the know-how gap

whether you’re navigating your way in the idea stage, starting to build on your initial product-market fit, or pushing the gas pedal in the growth stage.

Making sure startup is on the right track

asking the right questions to assess if your idea can become a viable business or if your existing startup, at any maturity stage, is on the right track.



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