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Martix is a scalable marketplace that supports 2 main things:

  1. It allows consumers to interact directly with their local community shops and order on-line, with seamless payment mechanism and fast fulfilment,
  2. Empowering Retailers; helping them minimising the threat of ecommerce, and get them being part of today’s and tomorrow’s game safely and smoothly.

We don't only help retailers selling online, but building a real capability, achieving digital transformation within a state of art marketplace that does not only aggregate the market but enhance it; we provide retailers with full admin control system and mobile App.

We provide consumers with an experience that was not allowed before our arrival,

We empower them ordering from the shops they love, no matter where they are, 

We enable someone who lives in Dubai to order from the shop he loves in Amman,

We enable a Jordanian migrants to shop seamlessly for his family in Jordan.

We provide great customer care, fulfilment & super last mile.

Platform is fully developed in our office in Amman by our own team (all FTEs) over 15 months (Mar 2016 - Aug 2017) and still on a great roadmap of injecting AI and more, operated by us, including last mile control, Launched formally in Jordan in Sep 2017, 225 retailers joined so far, great traction, growth, with ​​​a vision of a regional virtual mall that establishes seamless markets handshake.