Entrepreneurship and Startup Support Forum

business Organizer: Softina

calendar  Date: 30/04/2024

timetable(1) Duration: Full-day Event

dart-board  Target: Startups ecosystem

place Location: Fairmont Hotel, Amman, Jordan

budget(3) Cost: Refer to the website



Meet a group of experts and connect directly with the brightest minds to help you transform your project from an initial idea into a strong competing brand with a real and effective market presence. Seize your opportunity to unleash your potential and open new horizons for your future.

Specialists who put years of experience at your disposal, offering new visions and innovative ideas… This year’s event will focus on the world of cosmetics trading, one of the largest markets, expected to reach a global size of $865 billion by 2032, along with many other promising sectors.

Enjoy the knowledge, gain experience and broaden your horizons, but it doesn't stop there, there are many additional benefits waiting for you at the end of the day, represented by many support services designed to ensure you overcome any obstacles and grow your brand and achieve your investment goals in the fastest ways possible.

SOFTINA does not only help you take your first steps on the road to success, but also provides you with full support at every step of the way to the top. A whole world of opportunities awaits you.