WITSA World Cup 2024

business Organizer: WITSA

calendar  Date: 4/10/2024

timetable(1) Duration: 4 Full-day Event

dart-board  Target: Entreprenures

place Location: Arminia

budget(3) Cost:https://www.witsa.org/programs/witsa-world-cup



The WITSA World Cup is a premier global tournament designed to elevate and celebrate the best Tech Scaleups across 6 continents. Serving as a catalyst for innovation, investment, and collaboration, the WITSA World Cup plays a pivotal role in propelling the growth of the global tech ecosystem, as well as potentially discovering the world’s next great unicorn!

The WITSA World Cup Global Tournament is open to global tech scaleups that are funded strategically positioned for growth acceleration, fundraising, market expansion, and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) pursuits.

This unique tournament transforms from a National to Global competition, engaging WITSA Country Member Hosts to identify and showcase their top tech scaleups. The journey culminates at the Global Finals, set to be hosted at the World Congress on Innovation and Technology in 2024.

Participating Tech Scaleups stand to gain global exposure, funding opportunities, and direct access to influential industry decision-makers. The WITSA World Cup Tournament acts as a launchpad for international market access and fosters connections with key stakeholders. And one global winner will be awarded with the WITSA World Cup, funding, prizes and incentives.

The WITSA World Cup Tournament is a dynamic gathering, bringing together and engaging a diverse audience of technology visionaries, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, sovereign/family/PE funds, government economic development agencies, accelerators, corporate users, digital platform providers, and tech talent.

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