Biban 24

business Organizer: Biban

calendar  Date: 05/111/2024

timetable(1) Duration: 5 Full-day Event

dart-board  Target: Entreprenurs 

place Location: Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center

budget(3) Cost: Refer to the website



Biban.. Global Destination for Opportunities

Biban 24 is considered globally prominent in the entrepreneurship sector, focusing on empowering the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Kingdom for local and international entrepreneurs through 9 doors under the theme Global Destination for Opportunities. Biban 24 contribute to creating a stimulating environment, raise administrative, financial, and technical competencies, motivate the owners of ideas to launch their projects, learn and meet with local and international experts to exchange experiences and enrich information between decision makers, investors, and entrepreneurs to strengthen the sector and encourage the culture of innovation and entry into the business. Biban 24 is held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thanks to its economic and logistical advantages, legislative facilities, and strong entrepreneurial environment that supports exceptional ideas locally and globally; making the Kingdom a world class center that embraces investment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Biban 24 presents and discusses ideas and topics related to entrepreneurship, e commerce, franchising, investment opportunities, startups, and innovation. Furthermore, Biban offers workshops, courses, consultancy sessions, guidance, and specialized programs to raise the efficiency of enterprises and enhance the effectiveness of their business and their contribution to the local product. Biban 24 gathers all enablers and supporters from around the world to incentivize them to provide their specialized services to promote the growth and prosperity of the SME and entrepreneurship sector, as well as investors and financing entities under one roof to facilitate access to appropriate financing for SME owners and entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurship World CupEntrepreneurship World Cup (EWC)

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is the largest competition of its kind in the world, with participants from more than 200 countries. Saudi Arabia hosts the final qualifiers of the competition, the closing ceremony, and the distribution, featuring the best 100 entrepreneurs who will qualify for the finals in Riyadh as part of the Biban 2024 .

Expected impact resultsAttracting pioneering and innovative projects that serve the KingdomStimulating local investments and attracting foreign investmentsHighlighting the Kingdom’s promising opportunitiesApplying entrepreneurial projects from around the world to solve national challengesPromoting innovative enterprises and supporting them locally and globallyFinancial and funding support for innovative enterprises to achieve economic growth

+ 200 Participating countries

100 Finalists in Biban

+20,000 Competitors

1,000,000 $ Financial Prizes

Event URL: https://bibanglobal.sa/