Wamda Weekly - 1 Dec 2022

calendar  Date: 01/12/2022

To set up a business in Saudi Arabia, there can be varying requirements depending on the entity type. The process is generally similar, from registration, licensing, to set up. Paul Arnold, managing director at Sovereign PPG, a provider of corporate and trusts services, outlines the steps required to set up a business in Saudi Arabia.
For many Chinese companies, the Middle East is seen as a fresh market opportunity, but one that is difficult to understand. Seeing an opportunity to bridge the two regions together is Jessica Wong, managing partner at eWTP Arabia, who is bringing Chinese startups and investors to Saudi Arabia, to help develop the KSA ecosystem.
The Cold War of the last century between the US and the former Soviet Union focused on an arms race centred on nuclear prowess, later becoming a race to space. Nowadays , a new cold war has emerged between the US and China that is centred on technological innovation. In this article from the archives, we explore where that leaves the Middle East. 
In case you missed it - here's our round-up from News Watch:

Saudi Jahez acquires The Chefz for $172.9 million

Kitopi sacks 93 employees as diners head back to restaurants

500 Global opens an office in Egypt, partners with ITIDA to launch support programmes for local startups

Fenix Games raises $150 million investment

CyberTalents wins Black Hat’s $25,000 prize

SWVL slashes over 50 per cent of its workforce, shuts operations in Pakistan

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