Wamda Weekly - 22 Dec 2022

calendar  Date: 22/12/2022

The used car market is highly fragmented, and several startups have emerged to try to disrupt the sector. But it was Carzaty, founded in Oman by Hassan Jaffar and Marwan Chaar, that became an acquisition target for Kavak, the Mexican used car platform last valued at $8.7 billion. We spoke with Chaar about the exit and what the future holds for his team
Within the tech sector, the gap in the number of male and female founders remains significant, yet agritech has turned out to be among the top sectors attracting women founders. The rising interest from women to start entrepreneurial ventures in this field was a core reason behind the launch of Dana Global, a female-focused desert-tech venture studio.
As startup activity has grown over the past couple of years, demand for good software engineers has skyrocketed. Instead of hiring talent from Asia and Europe, Talpods launched to train a legion of Mena-based software engineers through an intense bootcamp and year-long mentorship programme.
In case you missed it - here's our round-up from News Watch:

Gargash Group invests in Germany’s Blacklane

LumiShare raises $3.2 million Seed round

CheckMe acquires DoctorOnline

Omani cloud kitchen KitchenomiKs raises $1.7 million Seed round

Muqbis raises pre-Seed round from Nama Ventures

Revival Lab leads $13.6 million round through United Investments partnership

Sharjah launches media-focused venture builder “Shams Valley”

Jordan’s Telescope raises Seed funding to expand to UAE, Saudi Arabia

B2B startup Suplyd raises $1.6 million pre-Seed round

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