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  • Startup Commercial Name (English): NutriGym
  • Startup Commercial Name (Arabic): نيوتري جيم
  • Contact Person Name: عبدالرحمن شعبان
  • Phone Number: 00962796297135
  • Email: abushaban97@yahoo.com
  • Headquarter: Jordan
  • Elevator Pitch:
    NutriGym is a cutting-edge health and wellness platform that seamlessly integrates personalized nutrition and fitness plans, a marketplace for health products, and collaborative services from professionals. By providing a holistic approach to well-being, NutriGym empowers users to achieve their health goals effectively and sustainably, revolutionizing the way individuals manage their health and fitness journey.
  • Main Sector: HealthTech, SportsTech,
  • Sub Sector: Healthplans & Benefits Management, Wellbeing & Content,
  • Looking For: Financing, Market information, Mentorship, Training, Office Space, Networking